HIGH PERFORMANCE TENNIS APPROACH relates to the methods used in our practices sessions AND IT is not created only for our juniors or professional players with professional ranking aspirations, BUT it is developed for everyone with passion for the TENNIS EXCELLENCE and simplicity that the game can offer with the proper instructions by the HIGHLY QUALIFIED tennis professionals.


OUR methods are based on the years of scientific researches in sports science, years of working experience with top ranked juniors and WTA professionals and years of the tennis specific analysis of the strokes of the elite tennis professionals

The methods which we use to improve player’s level of the game are not solely based on the technical-tactical aspect of the game.


There are many more elements of thE TENNIS game that COULD enable easy, efficient and safe stroke production while AT THE SAME TIME saving the amount of energy used through applying the efficient tennis specific movement patterns

tennis is a game of high spatiotemporal constraints, the CRUCIAL elements of tennis are timely and balanced positioning and readiness for the stroke.


By improving this phase of the stroke player improves the technique, stroke


contact point consistency and from there can be encouraged in applying variety of different point winning tactical patterns.


 The importance of the elements such are the visual perception of the game context, identification of the most important elements of the ball trajectory, timing of the ball bounce, geometrical positioning points around the court is in saving so much of the reaction time and therefore energy that the player spends throughout the game.